DOWN UP DOWN, il nuovo disco di Kinzli & the Kilowatts, disponibile dal 22 gennaio

Etichetta; GPees Productions
distribuzione; Audioglobe
data di uscita; 22 gennaio

ascoltala su www.myspace.com/kinzli


a real gorgeous shock, 'down up down' flourishes with lush production, a musicality that sounds like it was drenched in the stream of legend and above all with kinzli's soaring voice. while she clearly possess an instrument that could effortlessly scale any genre, here she manages to hone it into a crystal-sharp diamond. in fact the album seems like a box of jewellery, with each song glittering in surprises - a marching drum beat refrain, a stirring string session, an effortless operatic vocal which swoops down to a folky whisper. there are so many great ideas here gleaned from all the best aspects of modern music - splashes of avant garde techniques, dashes of folk music that this is one of those records you just can't believe isn't on a major and soundtracking people's lives. ROUGH TRADE

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